Are you stuck at home? How about taking this free opportunity to quickly learn how to use today’s essential online tools?

As part of Learning2gether, a European educational initiative, BeCode and its learners are offering you the possibility to follow 3 individual online sessions, allowing you to improve your business, SME or association’s presence on the web.

What will you learn?
This training offers you the chance to acquire or sharpen skills in domains such as social media, online branding, digital marketing, simple website creation tools and GDPR. During the sessions all of your burning questions will be answered:

  • Which tools can I use to create, maintain or improve a website?
  • How can I improve my company’s social media presence and how can I manage the social media page? 
  • How can I give more visibility to my project online?
  • How can I run ads online?
  • Which tools can I use to send a newsletter to my clients?
  • How can I promote my services online?
  • What is GDPR, how does it work and how can I make sure to be in compliance with this regulation?

How does it work?
Our learners have followed a bootcamp covering all these domains of expertise. They will gladly share their knowledge with you, and thereby help you improve your skills.

The training consists of 3 individual sessions during which you will have a video call with one of our learners. He or she will guide you in answering the questions you come up with, and will make sure you learn skills that will be beneficial for your project. After each session, you will receive a small assignment allowing you to put your knowledge into practice. That way, you will get to assess whether or not you have progressed and this will allow the learner to personalize your journey even more.

For example: I want to give visibility to my project on social media.

  • Session 1:
    • Topic: Creation of social media pages, advanced settings, tips on content to share.
    • Homework: Create 3 posts on the platforms.
  • Session 2:
    • Topics: Review & feedback on the posts, comparison with other, similar services on social networks, acquiring more followers, how to run a paid advertising campaign.
    • Homework: Run an advertising campaign.
  • Session 3:
    • Topics: Review & feedback on the advertising campaign, tips for better advertising.

How to register?
This program is designed for people over 45, working in an association, SME or as an independent worker. To register, fill out this form, telling us what skills you would like to learn. We will get back to you shortly, to introduce you to your coach and to set up your learning framework.
It’s important to note that the trainings will take place in French.

What is Learning2gether?
Learning2gether is a European project that aims at offering a trans-generational learning experience between NEET youngsters (Not in Education, Employment or Training) and older SME workers. Launched in 2018, the Learning2gether consortium unites education and consultancy partners from Belgium, Iceland, Romania, Spain and the UK.