At BeCode, we tailor our trainings to the IT market’s needs, enabling untapped talents to learn the skills that matter today in the field. Offering a learning path that is both accessible and relevant is a challenge that we can only tackle thanks to our strong network of partners. Among others, DataCamp is joining forces with BeCode by providing all of our AI juniors with free access to their platform. Discover in this article why this partnership is such a game-changer. 

DataCamp is an educational platform that enables users all over the world to acquire skills in different IT-domains, including data science. Why is it important? Because data is the new gold. Or, should we say, the new petroleum. Just like oil, data that isn’t refined and worked-on is worthless. If you learn how to sort it, how to analyze it, how to exploit it, you can access incredible power.

tool that you want to learn.” This is confirmed by AI learner Christophe. “DataCamp’s curriculum is quite similar to the one of the AI Bootcamp. If you start a learning track from the beginning, it’ll explain to you everything that you need to know about that topic. After the theory, you’ll have to apply your knowledge to a real-use case to test whether or not you have understood everything correctly. It’s a complete course from A to Z, so you’ll not miss out on any valuable information.”

And since the courses are given by professionals, the learners can be sure that the tools they are learning to master will be the right companions for their future career as data scientists. “On DataCamp you can find lots of different courses given by professionals who are working with the technologies they are introducing on a daily basis. Among those people, you find big companies, including Belgian ones like Faktion. It’s very interesting for our juniors to learn from someone who has practical experience in using these tools,” explains Maxim Berge. Learning from professionals isn’t only interesting for our learners, according to Maxim it also reinforces their confidence. “When your coaches encourage you to learn some tools and you see that professionals also recommend using those tools, it’s very good for our learners’ mental health. They know they are in good hands.”

For AI learner Manasa, DataCamp is also the perfect tool to keep track of her progress. “There are lots of information sources on the market, but without the option of taking a test and getting a grade afterwards. DataCamp allows you to take a test after each course, which shows you where you are lagging. This in turn allows you to sharpen these skills first before moving on to the next course.” This feature also makes it easier for the coaches to keep track of students’ progress and allows them to adjust their learning path if necessary. “Another amazing feature is that you can keep track of the progress of your learners. As a coach, it’s a great tool to know who does what”, concludes Maxim Berge.

With new AI classes scheduled on all 5 BeCode campuses in 2021, the collaboration between DataCamp and BeCode has a bright future. “The collaboration has been going well!” says Nathaniel Taylor-Leach. “BeCode has been taking tremendous advantage of the capabilities of our group accounts, like creating teams for different cohorts. We’re all excited to see how BeCode will incorporate DataCamp content into their 2021 curriculum.” Our coaches can be assured that DataCamp will be their best ally in helping our BeCoders change their lives.