With a bachelor’s degree in international business in his pocket, Donovan started working as a sales agent, a job from which he unfortunately did not get as much satisfaction as initially hoped. He decided to take a short break, hoping that a roadtrip in Australia would give him clarity about his future career path. As some posts on BeCode’s Facebook page stimulated his interest in our web development training, he decided to take the plunge. And with success as the training is coming to an end and the internship is approaching! 

Curious about Donovan’s BeCode journey? Then make sure to read the interview below!

What were you doing before joining BeCode? 
“Before joining BeCode, I was studying international business in Liège. After finishing my bachelor’s degree, I started working in Luxemburg as a sales agent. But as I wasn’t getting much satisfaction from my job, I decided to resign and started traveling in Australia for 6 months. When I arrived back in Belgium, I stumbled upon BeCode’s training program in Liège that was starting in March and I decided to subscribe.”

How did you get to know BeCode? 
“I got to know BeCode via Facebook. I stumbled upon a couple of posts right after having finished my bachelor’s. During my time in Australia, I thought about these posts and I decided that following BeCode’s training program seemed like a very suitable plan for after my return. I applied and got selected.” 

What convinced you to follow a training at BeCode and not at a similar training center? 
“After my return, I had two possibilities. I could join BeCode or another training center that was located outside of Liège. Both training programs were quite similar, but the classes there were smaller, only 10 people, and as it was outside of Liège, I had to commute every day. In my opinion, BeCode was the best choice as it was located better and as the groups were bigger. I really wanted to be part of a big class group as networking is very important in this field. Also, every person that I met at BeCode was friendly, so that’s why I thought choosing BeCode was the right thing to do.”

How far along are you in the training? 
“Actually, we’re almost finished. Currently, I’m waiting for my internship to start. I’m excited and confident as we have covered a lot of different technologies that I’ll be able to use during my internship. Even though there are plenty of things left to learn, I’m ready for this new adventure.” 

What have you learned during the training? 
“We’ve learned everything there is to know to apply for a job as a junior full-stack web developer. I’m not an expert in anything, but we had the opportunity to work on both front-end and back-end technologies.”

Can you elaborate a bit on the technologies that you’ve focused on during the training?
“The most important technologies would be the JavaScript frameworks. Right now, I’m focusing on React as I think it’s a pretty cool language. A lot of companies are looking for React developers, so I want to keep on focusing on React as it can lead to more job opportunities. It’s also a good idea to continue focusing on PHP as it’s compatible with WordPress. I really like WordPress because you can create value via this CMS.”

The end of the training is approaching. Have you already found an internship place? 
“I’m not going to work for a regular company, I’ll work for the city of Marche-en-Famenne. They have an IT department that manages their website but that also takes care of a lot of things that aren’t directly related to the town. As I said earlier, I’m pretty excited. I think I can learn a lot from them.”

The last two months of the training were preparing you for this internship. What technologies did you sharpen during this final phase of your training?
“The main technologies that I’ll be using as part of my internship are React and WordPress. The company wants to rebuild its WordPress website from scratch. That is why they have also hired a designer. I’ll be working with WordPress and React at the same time which is new to me. I think that I’ll learn a lot.”

What was the most interesting project that you’ve worked on during the training?
“I would say Jespen-Brite, which looks a bit like Eventbrite, as it was the first time that we had to work on a big project. We had to use front-end technologies to build a good-looking interface, the website had to be responsive and we had to work on the back-end with PHP. It was an interesting project from which I’ve learned a lot.” 

If you had to describe web development, how would you describe it?
“Web development is a tool to bring value to people.”

What do you mean by bringing value to people?
“That’s related to what I was doing before starting my training at BeCode. At my previous job, I felt like I wasn’t bringing value to anyone as I wasn’t building anything. It’s really important to me to build things from scratch and to feel like I’m adding value to society and web development allows me to do that.”  

What are your plans for the future?
“I would like to work in e-commerce. It’s related to my previous studies, so I can combine my two passions.”

Is there anything you would like to add?
“I feel better now than before having started this training. Being able to work as a web developer comes with a lot of freedom, which is a value that’s really important to me. During my studies, I traveled a lot, which allowed me to discover new places and things. I would like for my job to offer me the same opportunity. I want to discover new things every day, which is something that web development has to offer. Today, I realized how different I am from the person that started this training, what a great feeling.”

Are you interested in following our web development training?

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