Today, meet Mykyta, web dev junior in Antwerp. After losing his job due to Covid, he decided to start over in a forward-looking sector: web development. Curious about how Mykyta experienced his first weeks at BeCode and what his future aspirations are? Then make sure to read the interview below.

Could you tell us a bit about what you were doing before BeCode?
“I was unemployed. I lost my job due to the Covid 19 pandemic. Before that, I was working as a shift supervisor at Starbucks. As I couldn’t find a new job, I started searching for training courses to follow. I knew I wanted to work in the IT sector as it’s constantly evolving and as there are a lot of job opportunities in this field. When browsing through different courses, I stumbled upon BeCode.”

What made you want to join BeCode and not another training program?
“BeCode’s training program is a good mix of front- and back-end development, which, to me, was good to get started with. The timing was ideal as the training started immediately. The methodology that’s used at BeCode, learning by doing, was also very appealing to me. Other training centers used a more classical approach, where they ask you, just like in school, to read books or learn things by heart. That wasn’t what I was looking for.”

What do you like the most about BeCode?
“The way we learn, as the approach is very different from the one of traditional educat-

ion. We receive a lot of exercises and we get to learn new things by practicing them immediately. Sometimes it’s hard, but whenever you have questions, you can always turn to your coaches, who will indicate to you in which direction you should go.”

Do you already know in which programming languages you’d like to specialize?
“I probably won’t want to go full-stack. I’d rather be a front-end developer. To achieve this goal, I want to focus on front-end frameworks and sharpen my knowledge of these languages. To me, doing both front-end and back-end programming is too broad. I’d rather specialize in one specific field. Especially since, unlike some other students, I didn’t have any knowledge about the field when starting this training. For now, I’ll go for JavaScript. When we’ll reach the part in the training where we can specialize in a language of our choice, I will go for NodeJS and some other frameworks.”

Do you already have a dream job in mind for after the training?
“Yes (laughs). The dream is to get a job! I’d like to be a junior front-end developer, but I’m open to all kinds of companies.”

Are you interested in following our web development training?

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