Raphael had always been passionate about all things related to the internet, but he had never had the opportunity to acquire the skills and knowledge that would enable him to work in IT. By joining our web development class in Liège, he is now one step closer to his dream: working as a back-end developer. Find out more about his training in his interview below!

What made you want to work in the IT sector ?
“I’ve always been attracted to screens and all things internet, etc. I’ve always wanted to know how it worked because for me it was like magic. I really liked the creative aspect of it. That’s how I got into the IT field and more specifically into the programming sector.

How far along are you in your training?
“We still have one more project to complete before we enter the summer pastures. 

“I would say that so far, my experience at BeCode has been great. To be honest, it was a bit difficult in the beginning. I was a bit lost. But when you start a BeCode training, you soon realise that you are not alone: you can always ask your teammates for help. If you’re alone in your corner, it’s easy to give up”. 

As far as the technologies you have learned so far, have you had a preference for a particular programming language or framework?
“Yes. We’ve already seen a lot of different things, but I’m very curious about a technology we haven’t yet learned: Python. I’m a bit ahead of schedule on the last project, so I’m taking this opportunity to start learning this technology. After the project, I will focus completely on Python to prepare for the internship.”

Has there been a project that you have particularly enjoyed so far in your training?

“As part of one of the projects, we had to create a blog where users could post topics and add comments. At the same time, you could log in to your account to change your settings. All this was done using PHP, Bootstrap, Sass and JavaScript.”

“It was a very difficult project from A to Z but it was very complete. I loved being able to address so many different aspects, linking the back-end and the front-end.”

You said earlier that you’d like to use the last part of your training to specialize in Python. Do you already have a specific internship in mind?
“Yes, I’m looking for an internship where I could do Python and some back-end mainly, but I also remain open to front-end. I am fascinated by Python because you can do anything with it! You can do computer security, data science, robotics, machine learning, etc.”

What would be your dream job after this training?
“Personally, before starting the BeCode adventure, I wanted to do other trainings that cost a lot of money. I didn’t know BeCode existed. And then I discovered BeCode. It’s true that in the beginning, you feel a bit left to yourself, but you’re not alone. The whole BeCode team is there to help us. We can count on them, they are there for us. That’s the strength of BeCode. It’s really unique.”

Are you interested in following the web dev training?

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