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Did you know that mentoring programs are beneficial to both mentors and mentees?

Participants gain valuable skills and overall feel more empowered thanks to their mentoring relations. In turn this can lead to an increase in career opportunities or a promotion.


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Our program which serves women, combines one-on-one mentoring, collective sessions and workshops, as well as creating opportunities to help women identify and work towards their (career) goals.

How does the program work?

After you apply, we match mentees with a few suitable mentors. Each mentee should receive 7 hours of individual mentoring through (online or offline) sessions with their dedicated mentor. During these sessions mentors offer their mentees guidance, support and feedback. Timing and locations of the sessions are left up to the mentee and mentor to decide.


Additionally to the 7 hours of individual mentoring, mentees will also be required to participate in a few collective sessions, such as workshops and other activities.

Mentee Prerequisites

  • People who identify as women
  • Are currently enrolled in a BeCode training or have finished one successfully
  • Living in Belgium

Mentor prerequisites

  • Open to everyone regardless of gender
  • Ideally, you have a couple of years of experience in a tech-related field
  • Living in Belgium

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