BeCode Promoters support the social mission of our organisation and benefit from an added-value service to fuel talent diversity within their company. By building strong collaboration, BeCode and its network of partners increase sustainability of employment in Belgium.  

At BeCode, we offer comprehensive talent solutions to meet your business needs. Our services include:

  1. Talent Recruitment: We connect you with skilled tech professionals ready to enhance your team.
  2. Talent Upskilling: Through our specialized training programs in AI, cybersecurity, and other programs, we empower your existing workforce to stay ahead in the tech landscape.
  3. Talent Outsourcing: We provide flexible outsourcing solutions to ensure you have the right talent when you need it.

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I'm very pleased with the partnership we've formed with Becode. With Béatrice de Mahieu and her teams, we share the same objectives: to give everyone a chance, to focus on inclusive training centred on new technologies, to attract more young people to the IT professions and enable everyone to update their skills. From 2024 onwards, Becode will play an active role in our "Young talents" programme for future managers and will support us in the process of retraining for the jobs of the future. At Ethias Group level, NRB also works with Becode. It's an active collaboration that I'm delighted about.
Julien Balistreri
CPOO Ethias
Partnering with Becode provides us with access to a pool of emerging talent. By offering internships and recruiting directly from their programs, we can identify promising individuals early in their careers and nurture their growth within our organization. By engaging with Becode learners through internships, we have the opportunity to evaluate their skills and fit within our organization before making a full-time hiring decision. Our partnership with Becode aligns with our commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion within our teams. Overall, our partnership with Becode not only provides tangible benefits in terms of talent acquisition and development but also reinforces our values as an organization committed to promoting diversity, inclusion, and innovation.
Kaat Hemelinckx
HR assistant ASP

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