Help to bridge the digital divide in Belgium

Becode’s mission : we are a social impact-driven coding school using an active pedagogy to teach in-demand digital skills to motivated individuals in vulnerable situations, helping untapped talents to meet the needs of the job market

HubSpot’s ultimate goal is to grow better with HEART - Humble, Empathetic, Adaptable, Remarkable and Transparent. BeCode offers free education to people - whatever their background - who aspire for a job in tech, and who deserve a second chance in life. HubSpot is proud to support BeCode in all its initiatives and we look forward to growing better together!

Jo Jacobs

People Operations HubSpot Belgium

Investing in people to tackle barriers to opportunity and create the conditions for lasting change is core to J.P. Morgan’s philanthropic commitment across the globe. We are passionate about supporting a more inclusive labour market and helping young people in Belgium gain the skills they need to unleash their digital talent and access IT careers.

Lionel Julienne

Head of Corporate Banking Belgium, J.P. Morgan

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How companies can help

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BeCode Promoter

Join our community of Becode Promoter. Through the entry plan, you enable us to train one more unemployed citizen and contribute to bridge the digital divide on the labor market.

IT equipment

Our learners need proper equipment to be able to follow the training. You can support BeCode mission by donating laptops and any other IT equipment.

You can contact us or our partner Close The Gap if you have any material you want to donate.

Software & Certifications

Contribute to the quality of our trainings by offering software licenses, certifications and server infrastrure accesses.



Through our fund  “The Friends of BeCode at the King Roi Baudoin Foundation, you can easily support us.

Reach out to our Head of Business to know more about it or go directly to the donation page.

Skills-based sponsorship

We usually welcome tech experts from our business partners to share their knowledge or involve them in the co-development of Becode. We are present on many corporate volunteering platforms. Let us know if you are interested to help us with your expertise and assets.

As a citizen, you can also support us.

Interested in contributing to our social mission? Every euro that you donate, will be used to help even more motivated professionals pursue a future-proof career.

  • At BeCode we alternate hard work with entertainment and relaxation. If you donate 50 euros, we can celebrate the end of training with a pizza party. Amazing, right?
  • Not everyone has the necessary budget to buy the appropriate hardware needed to start the training program. By contributing 500 euro, we can buy two second-hand computers which will enable two additional candidates to follow the BeCode training.
  • Do you feel like doing more? With 7.000 euro, we can finance the whole BeCode journey of one potential candidate

Friends of Fund

Since 2023, BeCode has its donation vehicle at the King Baudouin Foundation, a trustful partner in the world of philanthropy. Reporting and transparency is very important for us, to continue in engaging individuals and companies in our mission. Do not hesitate to contact us for a call or visit in our campuses. 

We ALL can help

BeCode is a proud partner of Better!

How does it work? Very simple:

  • You register on the website
  • Choose your causes, your formula and start creating impact directly.
  • On the first Sunday of the month, Better presents the association selected for you. You validate, or not.
  • And the next months? A new association is selected for you. And so on… Every month you make a difference

Supporter Companies

Greatful for their support!

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