Cyber Security for companies

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Have you ever been hacked ? Are you worried about your company’s privacy and security ? Well, you should ! and we have got just the thing for you: we elaborated a one day training to discover what are your obligations and how to react in case of an attack.

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Identify cybersecurity obligations and main threats for a company, how you can respond to them, and the best practices and strategies in cybersecurity.

Target audience

Executives, decision-makers, managers of small and medium-sized companies in all sectors




360,00€ > 144,00€

Content / Modules

  • Module 1: Why is cybersecurity necessary? Which are the main risks? 2.5 hours
  • Module 2: How to act when a risk is found? 2 hours
  • Module 3: Why I need to plan for business continuity? 1.5 hours
  • Module 4: Integrating cybersecurity into corporate strategy 2 hours

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Brussels : Becentral

The training is in English.

Price: 360,00€ > 144,00€

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