Tech Hubs

More and more companies encounter some difficulties to identify, recruit and retain talents with digital and IT skills. Through a partnership with Becode, this challenge becomes an opportunity. 


Leveraging our experience these last 6 years with many companies on the Belgian market, we have developed a new approach where our IT training programs are made based on specific job descriptions. All along the journey, Our business partners will be able to interact with our students and personalize our curriculum depending on the selected partnership package. We reversed the model and business partners are involved before the start of each program.


The idea is to gather several players around one specific technology and similar business, IT and HR requirements. By putting together companies with similar tech needs, we generate synergies by co-designing a tailor-made learning program that combine tech hard-skills training and soft-skills modules. Once the journey is defined and the tech & talents coaches onboarded, we recruit the right talents to meet the available job offers. 

Call for talents

We then launch a call for talents willing to join intensive tech bootcamps structured around concrete job opportunities at selected companies. During this selection process, recruiters from our business partners are involved. This way, recruited candidates increase their chance to get a job at the end of the training.


We currently recruit talents for several bootcamps. Please have a look at our “get trained” section if you are a potential candidate for learning.

Call for companies

If you are an organization with specific IT recruitment needs, whether you are already a business partner or not, we invite you to reach out to us. We will be happy to listen to your HR expectations and build a new tech hub dedicated to your IT stack, in collaboration with other companies.

Or you can simply plug into our existing Tech Hubs : 

  • Cisco Hub
  • Dynamics Hub
  • No Code Hub

By joining a tech hub, companies externalize recruitment and first training of their IT workforce while bringing more diversity and inclusion in their talent acquisition strategy.


The entry ticket is set at 15K€ to cover part of the basic cost of a long bootcamp at BeCode. This amount includes the personalization of the curriculum, the recruitment, selection and training of the talents, and the right to hire up to 3 talents. Depending on the amount of job offers you have and specific requirements, we may ask an extra fee, in full transparency with all engaged companies.

Discover our hubs:


Help companies designing, implementing, managing, and maintaining network infrastructures using Cisco networking technologies. Cisco is a leading provider of networking equipment and solutions. In 3 months, become an expert in leveraging these technologies to ensure efficient and secure communication within an organization.

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Embark on a transformative journey as a Microsoft Dynamics 365 specialist! In just 3 months, you’ll become adept at navigating the complexities of this robust business solution, refining vital skills essential for optimizing operations. Led by industry experts, our training equips you for success. 

No Code

You have a tech project idea or you just want to build your website? This Starter Sprint is made for you! And the good news: you don’t need any coding skills! Join our 6-week Starter Sprint for beginners and discover the possibilities that No code technologies have to offer.

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