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We make tech jobs accessible to all. No matter if you have experience or not, we support, advise, train you to become the tech talent of tomorrow and we help companies to reskill / upskill their team and hire our talents. 

So, trust the magic of new beginnings & deep dive into a world full of opportunities!

100% free training
for job-seekers 

Focusing on diversity
& inclusion in tech

Offering customized work-based learning pathways

4 campuses
throughout Belgium

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We are passionate about helping people like you to blossom.

Get trained.

Imagine where you would be next year if you start now!

At BeCode, we offer  a new way of learning to any motivated individual. Whether you’re a job seeker, in a upskilling/reskilling process or from an underprivileged backgrounds, we provide talents of all ages with the technical skills, knowledge and training necessary to succeed in their future tech careers. If you are passionate, curious and enthusiastic about a career in tech, you should definitely have a look! 

Hire talent .

Talent matters.
If you don't have
the talent hire the people who do.

Are you looking for top tech talent to shape a brighter future for your organisations? At BeCode, we have passionate and qualified pool of talents to power businesses. Depending on your talent needs, you can become a BeCode promoter and get access to talent at an early stage of the bootcamp, get access to tech staff mentoring and even get free internship before hiring as well as other benefits !

 Are you looking for upskilling/reskilling your teams? Together we create tailor-made trainings based on your needs and expectations.