Become a junior developer in 7 months

During 7 months it focuses on helping you become a junior developer, the 3 first months are dedicated to web technologies and will allow you to become a full stack developer. The 4 remaining months are dedicated to specialization and differentiated learning in different areas such as software developer, marketing, mobile developer, lowcode developer or to dig deeper in the web ecosystem.

So you wanna be a junior developer

Let's <div> together.

The BeCode Development training is 100% free and open to anyone motivated and ready to change their life. It’s perfectly okay if you’ve never written a line of code in your life, we start from scratch! All you need is logical thinking, a curious mind, a strong dose of motivation, eagerness to learn and an understanding of the language that is spoken in the region where you want to follow the training. Diplomas, money, age, experience, hair color, religion… We don’t care about that. Do you? You only have to be registered as a job seeker.

You will learn tech skills

You will discover all aspects of website and mobile app development. The training focuses both on frontend” and backend”. Frontend consists of the visual elements that appear on your screen, what the website or app looks like. Backend is the internal structure of a website or app, what you see when you edit the platform. You’ll then be offered the possibility to gain knowledge and practice in various areas of programming.

… And also soft skills
Businesses are looking to hire resourceful team players who are able to learn, keep up with technology and solve problems in a creative and clever way. That is why first and foremost at BeCode, you will learn how to learn, how to work as a team, how to manage a project and how to see opportunities in every problem.


You can. End of story.

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