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Every year, we train hundreds of learners on the latest technologies through unique tech programs that are co-designed with our business partners. Find out more about our model!

How does it work

As a company, it is crucial to find talents who fit with your organization while having the necessary tech expertise and soft-skills. That’s why at BeCode we offer you a unique methodology to get involved in our training programs. And find your perfect match!

The more input you bring, the higher your chances.


We organize pitch sessions where companies are invited to prepare (with our help) and deliver an inspiring presentation of their organization, its culture and career opportunities. It enables our learners to get familiar with your environment.

Job Board

We collect your job opportunities and share them with our learners. They are invited to use our online tool for CV’s so that you can easily access all resumes of interesting profiles. This gives you the chance to hire as many interns as you want (2-3 month internship) and potentially recruit your future tech and digital talent.

Use cases

Depending on your selected plan, we can go further together in the co-design of the training programs and integrate your challenges in some practical exercises : workshops, hackathons, use cases. It’s an important part of our active pedagogy, to have practical cases where our learners can work on. And for the partner company, it’s a very valuable return: not only the work done by the learners, but it is also a perfect way for a company to see how cases were solved by learners and assess their competences and problem solving mindsetD

Job Fairs

Our silver partners are invited to join our job fairs where selected candidates will meet your HR representatives through an efficient speed-dating process. Our Career Coaches facilitate this match-making depending on your IT needs and business requirements.


We know that project management frameworks, communication abilities and other soft-skills can be a key requirement for your business. That’s why you, as a gold partner, can contribute to the development of additional modules we plug on our curriculums. It can also be on hard skills and tech modules like Salesforce, Dynamics, SAP.


Our gold partners can also benefit from some exclusive privileges to gain and grow their visibility among our community of +3.000 IT professionals. We activate our marketing channels and increase potential match opportunities depending on your needs.

Social fee

We ask every partner to become a community member and promote our social mission. By selecting the entry plan of 6.000€, you allow BeCode to train 1 unemployed citizen. And you can double this impact with a higher partnership option. Help us to close the gap between the labor market and unemployed populations. Let’s bridge the digital divide in Belgium together !

Find more about our partnership options here.

We as Accenture would like to thank you for a strong hand-in-hand partnership since the past 5 years. It’s a milestone, and we are excited to continue this partnership for many more years to come! Us and our clients are in awe of the talents that come from BeCode. Their drive and dedication is addictive, the client immediately notices it and appreciates having them in their projects. They are skilled & trained in the market relevant technologies, along with their previous life experiences, which sets them apart from the mainstream graduates. Thanks again for bringing such diversity into our force, through this partnership. Looking forward to more such celebrations together! Cheers

Accenture Belgium

Thanks to BeCode, we were able to connect with learners trained in software development, and introduce them to Odoo during a 3-month internship. Each experience was a success! The engagement rate of BeCode trainees is almost 100%. Such a fruitful collaboration is a real pleasure!

Mathilde Verlaine

Talent Acquisition Officer - Odoo

We had the opportunity to host two interns from our neighbours at BeCode in Charleroi in early 2022. They worked on an internal web application (front-end and back-end). Their contribution was highly appreciated and one of them was even hired in the ICT department.

Goelff Thibaut

Innovation, Digitization & Data Officer at Infrabel - Infrabel

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