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We’re creating tech education center in Brussels, Ghent, Charleroi & Liège.
Places where talents can have the best learning experience, focus on being productive,
be inspired, network with peers and meet recruiters.


BeCode Charleroi

BeCode Charleroi is located right in the middle of the E6K/A6K tech & education campus. The perfect location to kick off your new career as a developer or AI data scientist, right?


BeCode Brussels

In Brussels you can find us at the biggest tech education center in Europe: BeCentral!

Brussels was our first campus and also holds the BeCode headquarters. We operate two junior developer classes in parallel, as well as Cyber security and an AI bootcamp. Lot to chose from, right?


BeCode Ghent

Ghent is our youngest campus with two ongoing classes: junior developer & AI. We’re located in Zuiderpoort (on the South of Ghent) and our campus is easily accessible by free shuttle buses from the station Ghent-Sint-Pieters.


BeCode Liège

BeCode Liège is located at the Pôle Image de Liège. The Pôle was created in 2006 and hosts lots of different companies who have one thing in common: images!

Think of multimedia, 3D animation, computer graphics, synthetic images, computer development, … This makes the Pôle a significant economic agent and the perfect place to kick off your career as a junior developer or AI data scientist!

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