Passion for learning.

At BeCode, we are believers.

We believe we can change the world, make it a better place. A more equal place, where everyone, whatever its level of education, can find its proper place in a real diverse team. Where there is access to proper education, whatever their background. Therefore we provide qualitative, competitive and inclusive coding bootcamps, accessible to all. 


BeCode’s pedagogical framework

First of all, we learn by doing, by applying our skills on concrete projects, by working in a team. We emphasise a lot the meta-learning: learning how to learn in a technical context as well as helping yourself by helping others! Although we play hard, strict rules have been elaborated in order to ease and protect the learning process for the group and help everyone develop the right soft skills: being a reliable team player, eager to learn and with a great solution mindset.

Vision & Mission

Our goal

BeCode is a social impact-driven digital skills and coding school, using an active pedagogy to teach in-demand digital skills to motivated individuals in vulnerable professional situations, helping these untapped talents to meet the needs of the job market.

Social Impact KPI's

We deliver!

Our number of learners

BeCode was created mid 2017. By end 2022, we are proud of our reached 2890 learners having started successfuly a 7-months bootcamp.

Societal focus

Our focus is to attract and recruit people in vulnerable situations on the Belgian labour market. Our KPI’s is to aim at 90% of these people among our learners, with a focus on women, people born outside OCDE, long term jobseekers, NEET and people with disabilities.

Low drop-out rate

When recruiting our learners, we will from the start of the bootcamp accompany and motivate them towards their future (new) life in a future tech job. We keep the motivation factor high from beginning till end.

Positive outcome

After our bootcamps, we keep contact! And we measure our positive outcome rate: who is employed or who added a new training (at BeCode or elsewhere) after a bootcamp and internship? Proud to share that 75% has a “positive outcome” 6-months after their internship that followed the bootcamp.


Our Team

We share a common passion for people development and a more inclusive society, maximizing the opportunities brought by the digital economy to provide access to education and a high-potential career for all. Coming from a wide variety of backgrounds, we support our juniors & partners on each step of the way.


How it started...

The Brussels terror attacks led to the insights that entrepreneurs should be part of the solution – and increased the sense of urgency to build a more inclusive society as well as a stable future-proof economy.

Wishing to bridge the gap between available talents and the employer market currently at war for digital talents, BeCode vzw/asbl was founded in 2016 by Karen Boers, Laurent Hublet and Rodolphe Verhaegen – and their partners were brave enough to join them in the venture: Dirk Peusens, Sarah Unger and Stephania Ter Hark.  

Not looking to reinvent the wheel, BeCode partnered up with the French coding school Simplon, licensing the unique active pedagogy as well as training contents, enabling us to hit the ground running.

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