Our values

We’re convinced that when things change from the inside, they also change around you. Diversity & inclusivity have been part of our DNA from day one & we’re staying focused on building an inclusive tech culture.

Diversity & Inclusivity.

Everyone is welcome here.


We are open-minded, we include all kind of profiles : religion, background, age, gender. Because we know that being different is the key to thrive and be happy, all together.


Because we like to teach, we also know the importance of continuous learning. We broaden our knowledge and skillset by doing things out your comfort zone.


At BeCode we are change enthusiasts! We know that change is a part of life, and it’s what makes it so beautiful. Through change we grow.


We like to say that we stick together. We give a hand to our colleagues when needed, we communicate in a constructive way and we are supportive to each other.


Challenge is part of the journey at BeCode, like in each company. We even tend to say that « obstacle is the way » to find solutions.


We take full responsibility of our projects and results. Ownership is one of our core values alongside with taking the initiative.

Our mindset

Never underestimate the power of a mindset.


At BeCode we have a somewhat different approach of learning. We are using new methods of active pedagogy to engage learners in projects and be relevant to the job market.