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People in a vulnerable position experience a higher risk of digital exclusion. In order to promote e-inclusion and to bridge the digital divide, BeCode is participating in the Digibasics Project by creating ‘Digibanks’:  reducing the risk of digital exclusion by providing second-hand devices, digital skills workshops and customized mobile support.

Don’t miss the opportunity

Through local Digibanks, the Flemish government aims to reduce the risk of digital exclusion in Flanders. People can reach out to a local Digibank to borrow a computer, tablet or smartphone, to follow a digital skills training or workshop or to ask for customized mobile support. Digibasics focus on the low-skilled, people on low incomes, the over 55s and the non-professional population and are organized on easily accessible locations.

This project represents another significant step forward in closing the digital gap.

BeCode manages the Digibasics Project together with BEEGO and Close The Gap. Together with Close the Gap, we gather pre-owned digital devices, like tablets, smartphones and computers, so we can lend them to anyone who needs one.  Thanks to BEEGO, we can send IT students – by bike – to your house when you are in need of customized mobile support (learn how to send an email, set up your smartphone or tablet, reboot your computer, etc.).

What we offer

Find a device or use Internet

You need help to find a device or the right internet subscription? The digicoaches help you with your search for a digital device or affordable internet.

Digi coaching

The digicoach helps you with questions about internet and digital administration. You can also borrow a computer from them to use at home.

Answer your Digital questions

You can come to ask your questions. There are one or more guides present to help you on your way. You can use the computers onsite or bring your own device.


DigiBasics is a collaborative project between BeCode, Beego & Close The Gap. DigiBasics is subsidised by Flemish funding. Together, we wish to reduce digital exclusion by carrying out the following actions:

  • Borrowing digital devices ( * under certain conditions)
  • Organising digital skills workshops (in groups)
  • Borrowing Digi-cheques / vouchers (individual assistance)

DigiBasics targets people who are digitally excluded such as the short-skilled, those on low incomes, non-professionals or those aged 55+.

  • Do you think you fall within our target group? 
  • Are you an organisation or NPO, working with this target group and in need of workshops for your clients? 

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