Train talents

Grow the competencies of your own team through upskilling and reskilling programs.

At Becode, we have developed a unique pedagogy that has proven his effectiveness with thousands of talents trained to date, further growing their career. We put our passionate tech coaches at your disposal for short trainings with your workforce.

Our catalog

AI for companies

Your are interested in Artificial Intelligence and you don’t know where to start ? We have got just the thing for you: we elaborated a one day training during you can discover the power of AI and how to leverage it in your company.

Cyber Security for companies

Have you ever been hacked ? Are you worried about your company’s privacy and security ? Well, you should ! and we have got just the thing for you: we elaborated a one day training to discover what are your obligations and how to react in case of an attack.

Create your own training

You can create your own training program.

Our journey

We offer programs from 1 to 5 days to your collaborators on Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, or Web development. Through these upskilling programs, you raise the understanding and usage of key technologies at your company. If you are interested, we can design a tailor-made journey that supports your digital transformation.

Every business partner of our organization is a Becode Promoter. It means that a basic fee (with a pricing evolving according to the training) is requested to support our mission. By doing so, you enable us to train one more unemployed citizen in Belgium and bridge the gap with the labor market.