Explore the BeCode campuses !

BeCode is currently active in 5 cities across the country: Antwerp, Brussels, Charleroi, Ghent and Liège. Explore them here!

BeCode Antwerp

We have 2 Junior Web Developer classes and an AI Bootcamp class up and running in Antwerp – at the innovation hub The Beacon in the city center!

BeCode Charleroi

We have 2 Junior Web Developer classes in Charleroi, with the AI Bootcamp soon to be added at the beautiful E6K/A6K campus!

BeCode Brussels

Brussels was the first campus and also holds the BeCode Headquarters. We operate 2 Junior Web Developer in parallel as well as a DevSecOps class – with a new AI Bootcamp coming soon. You can find us as the biggest tech education center in Europe: BeCentral!

BeCode Ghent

Ghent is our youngest campus with only 1 class ongoing with the Junior Web Developer program. Our AI Bootcamp will also pilot in Ghent this Fall! You can find us right across from the Ghent Sint Pieters train station!

BeCode Liège

We have 2 Junior Web Developer classes ongoing in Liège and hope to add the AI Bootcamp this Fall at the Pôle Image!


Sint Pietersvliet 7
2000 Antwerp


Square des Martyrs
6000 Charleroi


 Koningin Astridlaan 185
9000 Ghent


Rue de Mulhouse 36
4020 Liège



Cantersteen 10
1000 Bruxelles