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With BeCode, you don’t only have the opportunity to recruit your future tech and digital talents, but you also engage with the sudents and curriculum during our classes. This model helps you to prepare and align your needs with our talents!

BeCode brought me skills, hands on project experience, and most of all a connection to Accenture. The hard and soft skills that I’ve learned during my BeCode journey, are truly helping me to shape and advance my career at Accenture.

Christophe Giets

Consultant Team Lead Accenture Belgium

Thanks to BeCode, we were able to connect with learners trained in software development, and introduce them to Odoo during a 3-month internship. Each experience was a success! The engagement rate of BeCode trainees is almost 100%. Such a fruitful collaboration is a real pleasure!

Mathilde Verlaine

Talent Acquisition Officer - Odoo

We had the opportunity to host two interns from our neighbours at BeCode in Charleroi in early 2022. They worked on an internal web application (front-end and back-end). Their contribution was highly appreciated and one of them was even hired in the ICT department.

Goelff Thibaut

Innovation, Digitization & Data Officer at Infrabel - Infrabel

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Become a BeCode promoter and hire your future talents

Support the impact mission of BeCode, and benefit from various services helping to link your company and talent needs with our candidates and curriculum.

You will be proposed to contribute to BeCode’s mission with a Monthly Subscription in line with your wish of involvement in the mission and curriculum of BeCode, and your talent needs.

Use cases

When you become a BeCode promoter and partner, you can share your case studies with our learners: R&D or POC tests.

It’s an important part of our active pedagogy, to have practical cases where our students can work on.

And for the partner company, it’s a very valuable return: not only the work done by the students, but it is also a perfect way for a company to see how cases were solved by students and asses their competences and problem solving mindset!

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