Passion for learning

At BeCode, we are dreamers. We believe we can change the world, make it a better place. A more equal place, where everyone has access to a proper education, whatever their background.

Therefore we provide qualitative, competitive and inclusive coding bootcamps, accessible to all.

Our mission

Our mission is to grow today’s talented – and especially vulnerable – professionals into tomorrow’s best developers.

With the current shortage in the market, employers are more motivated than ever to opt for a diversified recruitment strategy, focusing on skills rather than diplomas. In addition, these professions offer well-paying, interesting and long-term career opportunities for all those entering the industry today.

We therefore want to help bridge the gap between motivated job seekers and the employer market, by using the shortage of digital skills as a lever for a more inclusive workforce.

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BeCode Pedagogical Framework

We have a somewhat different approach to learning at BeCode…


First of all, we learn by doing, by experimenting our skills on concrete projects, working as a team. 

We emphasise a lot the meta-learning: learning how to learn in a technical context as well as helping yourself by helping others!

Although we play hard, strict rules have been elaborated in order to ease and protect the learning process for the group and help everyone develop the right soft skills: being a reliable team player, eager to learn and with a great solution mindset.

Most and foremost we feast on these daily ingredients : Kindness + Mutual Help + 100% Personal Commitment.

Education is in Our Blood

It’s our core business at BeCode to reskill motivated talents – mostly job seekers and school drop-outs. We’ve trained close to 1000 talents into sought-after developers so far and soft-landed more than 80% of our graduates into their new careers, even though many of them had never touched a line of code before they started!

Meet the team

We share a common passion for people development and a more inclusive society, maximizing the opportunities brought by the digital economy to provide access to education and a high-potential career for all. Coming from a wide variety of backgrounds, we support our juniors & partners on each step of the way.


Our campuses


Sint Pietersvliet 7
2000 Antwerp



Cantersteen 10
1000 Bruxelles



Square des Martyrs
6000 Charleroi


 Koningin Astridlaan 185
9000 Ghent



Rue de Mulhouse 36
4020 Liège


A thousand different stories

Don’t listen to us, listen to people who have followed our training!

“BeCode guided me to find my way in web development, to open up to working in a group and most importantly, be good at googling. I knew absolutely nothing before I started the BeCode, and now am part of an IT team in a software company.”

Marianna, Antwerp 2019

Precisely one year ago, the AI Data Science training started, offering me a breath of fresh air and new career opportunities. One year later, I would like to thank you for this terrific experience. I only keep positive memories of my time at BeCode : a new skillset, amazing new encounters and above all a reinforced self-esteem.

Claire, Brussels 2019

“When I discovered BeCode, I was looking for a new way of learning, something very concrete which I found in BeCode’s pedagogy.

The social aspect of the training was also very important. I joined BeCode to learn how to code, I left BeCode with a family.”

Matis, Brussels 2020


We are not alone in this fight -far from it. BeCode is lucky to enjoy the help and support of many companies and public structures who care deeply about our mission and share our dream of a more inclusive society.

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